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I help individuals reach their health goals by making long term, sustainable, dietary and lifestyle changes tailored for their needs. My programs and recommendations are designed to be practical and easily integrated into busy lifestyles.

Health & Nutrition Consultations


I offer individual sessions and other nutritional services, as well as a variety of packages designed to suit your needs.


Read more about Health Consultations.

Group Workshops

I offer workshops on specific nutrition topics or health concerns. Participation is limited to a small group of 6 to 8 people to ensure sufficient focus on each individual’s needs.


Read more about workshops.

Corporate Services


I provide tailored services such as wellness programs, workshops and talks, consulting, and recipe development.


Contact about tailored corporate services.

Guided Detox Programs


I guide you through a nutritionally balanced detox program, enabling you to naturally detoxify, reduce inflammation, boost energy, and reduce cravings.


Find out more about my Detox Programs.

Healthy Food


I am developing a select range of healthy foods and snacks available for purchase. Coming Soon!


Contact me for food products.




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