Adult Health & Nutrition


Individual / Group
Nutrition Consultations


We work with you in one-on-one or group sessions to provide tailored nutrition and lifestyle solutions specific to your health goals. 


An initial consultation is used to review your health and medical history, assess nutrition needs, as well as collaboratively identify and set specific health goals. In follow up sessions, we work with you to address ongoing challenges, introduce new goals, and continue to implement changes in a progressive manner. 


Consultations can be purchased as a single session or as a package.


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Nutritional Services


We offer the following services that can be conducted on a standalone basis, as a comprehensive RESET package or as add-on services to our nutrition consultations.  


  • Meal Planning Services: We carefully plan meals to help individuals or families achieve nutritional balance. Working closely with you, we cater meal plans for your dietary goals, lifestyle patterns, and personal tastes. 

  • Healthy Cooking Training:
    We offer individual or group cooking classes that teach the basics of preparing nutritionally balanced meals. A demonstration of healthy cooking techniques as well as helpful meal suggestions and resources will be provided.

  • Pantry Review & Shopping Trip:
    We conduct a comprehensive on-site review of your home pantry, helping you identify dietary substitutions that positively impact you and your family’s health. A guided shopping trip allows our nutritionists to offer practical guidance and tips for sourcing produce, meat and other grocery items with food safety and accessibility in mind.

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