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Baby & Child Nutrition


Are you..? 

  • Unsure about how to introduce solids to your baby? 

  • Concerned about minimizing food allergies?

  • Worried about your child's fussy eating?

Many healthy eating habits are formed during a short window from baby's first solids to
toddlerhood. As moms ourselves, we understand first-hand the importance of maximizing
this key window of nutritional programming.

Contact me to find out more about the services we offer: 


  • Introducing Solids program 

  • Fussy Eaters program  

  • Meal planning

  • Healthy cooking training (helpers / moms / caregivers)

  • Child nutrition workshops 

Here is what clients have had to say about our programs:

“I’m so glad I started my 6 month old on Fresh Start’s “Introducing Solids” food plan when I was returning to work. The plan made everything so easy, with simple, fail-proof instructions and recipes (even for my helper). It really set a foundation of good eating habits for my son who is now a healthy, eager eater of a wide variety of nutritious foods!”


“I had a wonderful experience with Fresh Start’s kids meal plan program. It was comprehensive, meticulously planned and fully tailored to my son's needs. The recipes were creative, covered a wide variety of cuisines, and were easy for my helper to follow. I also really benefitted from Natalie’s nutrition education sessions which covered topics ranging from how to balance nutrition, how to develop positive eating habits and where to buy organic produce.”

Check out images from our healthy children's menu designed specially for Shangri-la Hotels below! 


Introducing Solids - tanaphong-toochinda
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