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J Lau, Female

Through the personal nutritional counselling session, Natalie worked with me on small incremental steps to making healthy eating a lifestyle change instead of a diet. Her advice was realistic, practical and addressed my specific needs. Instead of forcing unrealistic standards, she provided 3-4 digestible tweaks to my eating habits which set me on a better trajectory. I feel better equipped for the long run instead of merely shaving off pounds on a yo-yo diet. I am so appreciative of the changes Fresh Start has helped me make to kick start my health journey!

M Fung, Female

Fresh Start's customized approach offers a balanced way to reset and feed the body nutritiously. Rather than an extreme detox session, the Fresh Start methodology is integrated into a daily meal routine. Their recipes are not only delicious and easy to prepare, it also demonstrates how it can easily translate into my life even after one week. I will continue to use their meal plan programs to reset my system from time to time. Selina's personal consultation also helps to sustain eating healthily and nutritiously in the long term. Healthy change is achievable and sustainable!

J Hui, Female

I sign up for a meal plan & consultation package with Fresh Start when I feel like my system needs a reset. I love their approach because I can continue with my daily routines without feeling tired, lethargic or hungry. The meals are generally filling, always have great flavor and variety and I feel like I am giving my system a rest while eating a balanced diet. Their meal plans and suggested changes aren't drastic or challenging like many detoxes out there. The nutrition consultations are important and most beneficial. You will learn how to develop better eating habits, to make wiser food choice and to ultimately incorporate healthy changes to meet your own nutritional needs.

S Wee, Female

Fresh Start proved to me that healthy eating can be fulfilling and delicious. They provided me with a better grasp of the basics of what constitutes a healthy balanced diet, in particular, how to incorporate variety into my meals. The entire experience showed me that by thinking about nutrition and planning my meals, that I can fight my cravings, and in general, feel better about myself and my body.

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