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About Selina


I am a clinical nutritionist and help individuals and families optimize their health through personalised nutrition solutions.


My philosophy: holistic healing with a science-based approach. I work with my clients to create a tailored plan with nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to help them reach their health and wellness goals.  Programs are highly personalised and are designed to be practical, and easily integrated into busy lifestyles. 


I am especially interested in:

  • Therapeutic diets for special conditions including SIBO, mould illness, IBS, food allergy or intolerance, and autoimmune disease

  • Reducing exposure to environmental toxicity

  • Women's health

  • Child and adolescent nutrition


My Qualifications:


  • Master of Science in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport

  • Certified Health Coach, The Institute of Integrative Nutrition

  • Bachelor of Science in Economics, The Wharton School, The University of Pennsylvania


Advanced Training:

  • Advanced Clinical Training in Functional Medicine, Dr. Kara Fitzgerald

  • Institute for Functional Medicine, Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (IFM AFMCP) (Currently completing)

  • SIBO Practitioner Training, The SIBO Doctor

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My personal journey


I began my career in Finance at an investment bank, and as a young professional I suffered from digestive problems, low immunity and frequent colds, difficulty sleeping, and fatigue. Natural medicine and dietary changes helped me to regain my health and good nutrition became a way of life.


After starting a family I spent more time researching health and nutrition, and developing nutrient dense recipes at home. My children grew up visiting farmers markets, learning to cook meals every weekend, and enjoying a diverse range of  nutrient dense whole foods.  They are now teenagers who sometimes joke about eating quinoa and kale, but appreciate the benefits of having healthy nutritious food. 

My interest in health and wellness led me to enrol in a health coaching program, and after completing this I decided to formalise my education and enrolled in a Masters program in nutrition. 

I started Fresh Start to help others with their journey to better health and vitality through coaching, education, and providing practical personalised solutions.  In my practice I use a functional medicine-based approach where I address the root cause of illness, imbalance, or disease instead of just treating the symptoms. 

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